WILL’S WAY Little Couple fans in tears over Dr Jen Arnold and Bill Klein’s son Will’s major milestone in proud mom’s new post

JEN Arnold has celebrated a big goal in her young son’s life.

The Little Couple star shared the happy news on her social media.

Jen Arnold and Bill Klein had a new reason to be proud of their son
Jen Arnold and Bill Klein had a new reason to be proud of their sonCredit: Getty
Will scored his first goal in lacrosse
Will scored his first goal in lacrosseCredit: Instagram/jenarnoldmd

Jen beamed with pride as she announced that her 13-year-old son Will scored his first goal during his lacrosse game.

The 49-year-old posted a sweet pic of the teen wearing his uniform and holding a lacrosse ball.

Will’s wide smile could barely be contained on his face.

Jen shared words of inspiration in the caption: “My parents taught me that I can do anything I put my heart, mind, & soul into & we try to teach the same to our kids.

“Today, Will showed us that hard work & determination pays off. So proud of this guy & making his first goal in #lacrosse!”


The comments section was flooded with praise, including a special note from Will’s grandparents.

“Yay Will! We’re all proud of you, have fun, be a team player, stay happy, healthy, and play smart, and just give it your best effort on and off the field and you’ll always be a winner at life! Love, GrandBa & NaiNai.”

Other fans followed.

“Way to go Will!” one person exclaimed, while another added: “Congratulations to Will!! So proud of you!!!”

A third shared: “Wish I was there to see it . Proud of you.”

While a fourth noted: “Not an easy thing to do! way to go!”

And one fan complimented Will’s mom and dad: “Your parents are right, Will!!! The sky is the limit!!! Way to play and score!!!


Will’s achievement comes as Jen and husband Bill Klein continue to move on from the cancelation of their show.

The Little Couple has been off the air since 2019, even as fans eagerly await its return.

The U.S. Sun previously reported Discovery Communications renewed the trademark for The Little Couple on March 14, 2022, despite the show being off the air.

It is believed the show postponement might have been likely due to Jen and her husband Bill’s expensive lawsuit with producers.


The star opened up about what’s next during an Instagram Live video post.

She said: “So, I went live to say hi and share the exciting news of our new #podcast! I’m excited to host and bring experts in #pediatrics to help you (and me) raise healthy kids.”

In the video, the ex-TLC star explained: “Just wanted to reach out and let everybody know how excited I am about a new venture that I’m about to do.”

“We have a new podcast that’s coming out,” she continued before disclosing “it’s with my new hospital, Boston Children’s and it’s called Boston Children’s Answers: Kids Health.

“I hope that if you have kids or you know someone with kids or you’re just a kid at heart myself that maybe you’ll want to tune in.”

Jen revealed that “just as the host,” she has learned so much about how to care for her two children Will and Zoey.

The podcast covers topics such as injury prevention, sports medicine, electronic screen time, and tasks like finding the right pediatrician.

In closing, Jen admitted: “I’m super excited. It’s my first time doing a podcast so you can tell me how we do.

“But I’m hoping, more importantly, that it helps all of us parents provide the best care that we can for our kids.”

The couple also share daughter Zoey
The couple also share daughter ZoeyCredit: Instagram
The family's reality show was recently canceled
The family’s reality show was recently canceledCredit: Social Media – Refer to Source
Jen has announced a new venture - a podcast
Jen has announced a new venture – a podcastCredit: Getty

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