‘The Little Couple’ Will Klein Takes On Ocean With New Hobby

The Little Couple stopped rolling the cameras but Dr. Jen Arnold shares about her kids, Zoey and Will Klein on social media and he’s just sailed his way into a new hobby. No longer a tiny tot, the former TLC star actually returned to something that he tried out as a young kid. Will he stick with it this time?

The Little Couple Family Lives In Boston Now

Will Klein and his sister Zoey lived in Florida and often, TLC fans saw the family messing about on boats. So, they were shocked to hear that they relocated to Boston, Massachusetts. Of course, there are boats and ocean-side activities there as well, but people thought the kids would hate the milder weather. Well, it turns out that they adapted and they seem to love their new home. Will is playing lacrosse there, and now he took up another hobby.

If you cast your mind back to when the show still aired on TLC, you might recall that Will and Zoey explored some very interesting activities. The Little Couple family visited NASA and soon, Zoey decided like Will, that she’d like to be an astronaut. TLC fans saw them learning to swim, visiting museums, the aquarium, and more. They even went sailing and fans saw that episode about four years ago.

The Little Couple Will Returns To The Ocean With New Hobby

This week, Jen Arnold took to her Instagram and shared a particularly grainy photo. Actually, she might have been on a rocky boat when she took it. However, TLC fans got the idea when she said, “So proud of @willklein63 for getting back in the #Sailboat again.” Did you know that Will Klein is 13 years old now? Certainly, it seems that he might be ready for something to sail that’s bigger than a little Optimus dingy.

TLC 'The Little Couple' Will Sails Into A New Hobby Dr. Jen Arnold Instagram
Image credit: @jenarnoldmd Instagram

The Little Couple fans who saw the post immediately started commenting because they remain very fond of Jen Arnold’s family. Actually, TLC would make a lot of people very happy if they brought back the show. One follower said, “Good for Will!❤️” 

Meanwhile, another follower thought that Will seemed to be a “brave” young man. Actually, he needs to be because more physical challenges come for little people as they grow older.

Bill Klein Visits The Hospital

The Little Couple fans recently heard that Will and Zoey’s dad, Bill had to go and see a specialist in New York because he has a problem with his spine. Jen Arnold explained, “Being a Little Person involves lots of orthopedic and neurological issues. Higher risks when you are young and as you get older.”

Hopefully, Will enjoys his new sailing hobby and can continue to do it for many years to come.

Do you think that Will is a brave kid for learning to sail the ocean? Let us know in the comments below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about TLC’s The Little Couple. 

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