‘The Little Couple’ Will Klein Goes Wild, Unsupervised On TikTok?

‘The Little Couple’ Will Klein Goes Wild, Unsupervised On TikTok?

The Little Couple -Jen Arnold Instagram

The Little Couple star Will Klein is going wild, and fans are wondering if he’s unsupervised on TikTok. A recent video sparked a discussion among fans. They expressed their concerns that he’s doing “inappropriate” things online behind his parents’ backs. What did he post that has fans all fired up? And did his parents say anything about it? Keep reading for all of the details.

Typically, Jen Arnold and Bill Klein get high praise for their parenting style. However, Will’s wild new TikTok video caught fans’ attention for all of the wrong reasons.

The Little Couple - Bill Klein Instagram
The Little Couple – Bill Klein Instagram

Will Klein’s new video fires fans up.

On TikTok and Instagram, Will shared a video of himself jumping on a TikTok trend. The video shows the 13-year-old dancing at home. He added a graphic of the penguins from Madagascar walking across the screen. The TikTok trend includes moves similar to those of the penguins, so Will attempted to replicate those.

The Little Couple- Will Klein Instagram
The Little Couple- Will Klein Instagram

In the background, “Half on a Sack” by Three Six Mafia was playing. This is the part that left fans upset. The song features inappropriate language, which took viewers by surprise.

In the comments section of Will’s post, The Little Couple fans are weighing in. One said, “Don’t think mom and dad would approve of this song! Who’s monitoring his social media?”

“Cool dance Will! But I’m sure your parents will be disappointed about the song choices,” someone wrote.

Another follower added, “Really bad song choice 😱” Someone else chimed in, “Inappropriate song for such a young child. Unfollowing.” Others are sharing similar sentiments and questioning Bill Klein and Jen Arnold’s parenting. Fans are eager to know whether the couple approved of this song or if they aren’t keeping a close eye on him.

Below, you can watch the video he shared. Note that the song featured includes language that may be inappropriate for some listeners.


As of now, Will hasn’t taken down the video, despite the many negative comments he has received.

Did The Little Couple parents say anything publicly?

As of now, 18 hours after Will’s video was posted, Jen Arnold has liked his post. So, she likely saw the comments questioning her parenting choices. While she liked the post, she hasn’t commented or replied to anyone else in the thread. So, it’s unclear how she really feels about the post or the criticism.

Below, you can see Jen’s profile picture beside the number of likes Will received.

The Little Couple- Will Klein Instagram
The Little Couple- Will Klein Instagram

So, do you agree with the fans calling out Jen Arnold and Bill Klein over Will’s wild video? Or do you trust them to make the right choices for their kids? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more The Little Couple news.

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