‘The Little Couple’ Will Klein Caused Fans To Go Wild In New Clip

The Little Couple star Will Klein caused fans to go wild in a new clip. After his mom, Jen Arnold, took to social media to share a recent update on her son. But why are fans reacting in such a big way? What did Jen share about her son? Keep reading for all of the details.

Though fans certainly miss the Arnold-Klein family’s TLC show, many are glad to keep up with them on social media. Jen is more active online than Bill is, but both of them share regular updates on their family. Fans are always shocked to see how much Will and Zoey have grown, especially after seeing their earliest years on TLC.

The Little Couple - Will Klein - YouTube
The Little Couple – Will Klein – YouTube

Jen Arnold shares a new clip of Will Klein.

In case you missed the news, Jen took Will and Zoey to Florida this past week. Her husband, Bill Klein, was supposed to be on this trip too, but due to his back issues, he couldn’t sit on the plane for very long. Plus, he’s awaiting news about a possible surgery. So, Jen took the kids on her own and has been sharing updates about their adventures.

On Instagram on Saturday, Jen shared another video with fans. She revealed that she took the kids to play putt-putt in Florida. Below, you can watch a new clip of Will enjoying the outing.


The Little Couple fans go wild.

In the comments section of Jen Arnold‘s new post, fans are going wild over Will Klein’s appearance. They think he looks much older now and that he’s gotten very handsome.

One fan said, “How handsome is Will?????” The spotlight wasn’t completely on Will as a few followers mentioned both of the kids. Someone said, “The kids have grown up so much.” Another The Little Couple viewer added, “My gosh, they have gotten so big and beautiful.”

It’s clear to see that the young man is growing up very quickly! He’s not the same little boy fans watched Bill and Jen adopt on the show. Today, he’s 13 years old and changing all of the time. He has his own social media profiles and is doing big things. These next few years will be huge for him as he heads off to high school and makes decisions about the next chapter in his life. For now, he’s making wonderful memories with his family.

So, are you also going wild over this new clip of Will Klein? Can you believe how grown-up he looks these days? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about The Little Couple. Below, you can watch a throwback video of Will when he was young.

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