‘The Little Couple’ Why Is Zoey Klein In The Hospital?

‘The Little Couple’ Why Is Zoey Klein In The Hospital?

The Little Couple - Zoey Klein - Instagram

The Little Couple star Zoey Klein is currently in the hospital, according to her mom, Jen Arnold. Jen shared a big update this weekend, revealing what was going on with her daughter. So, is everything okay? What landed her in the hospital? Keep reading for all of the details.

Now that new episodes of The Little Couple aren’t airing on TLC, fans have enjoyed keeping up with Jen, Bill, Will, and Zoey on social media. There’s where Jen took to time to let followers know what was up with Zoey.

The Little Couple - YouTube
The Little Couple – YouTube

If you follow Jen on social media, you may have seen her recent posts about “Little People problems.” As Little People, She, Will, Zoey, and Bill face a variety of health issues. Bill recently had to skip a family vacation due to his ongoing back pain as he awaits surgery.

Why is The Little Couple star Zoey Klein in the hospital?

On Instagram on Saturday evening, Jen shared another update with fans, revealing that her 11-year-old daughter is now in the hospital. The young girl needs a sleep study. This is because obstructive sleep apnea can be more common in Little People, according to the National Library of Medicine. 

In her post, Jen said, “Kid #2 for another successful sleep study #2.” Then, the The Little Couple star added #SheDidGreat.

Below, you can see the full post from Jen.

As we reported, Will Klein also spent some time at the hospital for a sleep study. Now, it’s Zoey’s turn.

The Little Couple fans send well wishes.

In the comments section of Jen Arnold’s new post, fans are offering love and support to Zoey Klein. They are glad to hear that her sleep study went well. One fan said, “I don’t think I’d sleep at all like that in a strange place too. She’s so brave. Love her heart. Well done Zoe 💚”

Another The Little Couple fan doted, “Great job Zoey. You are a brave young lady!”

This isn’t Zoey Klein’s first sleep study.

As we reported, Bill Klein recently shared a couple of photos of Zoey’s head bandaged up. This was when she had another sleep study a few years ago. You can see the throwback photos below.

Thankfully, it sounds like Zoey’s sleep study went smoothly. Keep an eye out for a follow-up post from Jen as she may have more to share about the results.

So, what do you think of these new photos of Zoey Klein? Are you relieved that this is a routine test and nothing too concerning? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about The Little Couple stars.

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