The Little Couple’: Why Did Jen Arnold Share Death Of Mom?

The Little Couple’: Why Did Jen Arnold Share Death Of Mom?

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The Little Couple star Jen Arnold shared that her mom has died in a new Facebook post today. Jen shared about her death, but very few details are out at this time. Jen just shared the news about an hour ago with her followers.

Huge Update: Jen Arnold went to her Instagram and said that this wasn’t true. She was actually hacked.


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Jennifer Arnold’s Mom Dies

Jennifer Arnold went to Facebook and shared that her mom has passed away. In the post, she said, “The Loss of a Mother…No matter how old you are, changes your life forever. You never quite get over it, but you learn to live with it. There is always a special place for her, tucked away in your heart. I miss you Mama.” You can see it below.

Back in 2021, she shared that her mom was dealing with heart disease. She ended up in the hospital over it but eventually was okay. It is unknown if this is what contributed to her death or not at this time. So far, no cause of death for Jen Arnold’s mom has been revealed. Hopefully, she ends up sharing more details with her fans about what happened.

Fans Share Their Condolences

The fans are sharing their condolences in the post to her. Here is what some of them had to say:

  • Oh my I’m so sad to see this. I so enjoyed seeing her on the show and your love towards her was beautiful. Sending you a gentle hug and so much love
  • Oh I’m so sorry to read this news! I’ve learned in the 10 years since I lost my mom that she’s always with me. It’s her voice I hear encouraging me when I struggle, celebrating with me when I rejoice…it’s not the same as her physical presence, but it helps.
  • So very sorry for the loss of your mother.
    Lost my mom when I was 26 and the first of my three children was 8 months old. She’s always in my heart
  • Jen I am so sorry to hear your mother has already left this world. She was such a bright ray of sunshine. Her love for you and your family was so apparent. I loved seeing her every time I did. My sincere condolences.
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Our condolences are with Jen Arnold at this time of loss. At this time, The Little Couple has not been renewed and new episodes are not airing on TLC. At this time, it doesn’t look like the show is coming back at all which is very disappointing.

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