‘The Little Couple:’ Jen Arnold Hospitalization & Surgery Update

‘The Little Couple:’ Jen Arnold Hospitalization & Surgery Update

Jen Arnold - YouTube

Jen Arnold’s husband Bill Klein took to Instagram to offer The Little Couple fans a hospitalization and surgery update. As we reported yesterday, Jen Arnold was hospitalized in NYC for surgery. After over two decades, her hip replacement failed and she was in need of hip revision surgery. Fans of The Little Couple have been impatiently lurking on Instagram waiting for an update on how she’s doing and how the surgery went.

Sharing a beautiful photo of his wife with a huge smile on her face, Bill Klein gave fans the hospitalization and surgery update they sought after.

The Little Couple - Jen Arnold Bill Klein
The Little Couple – Jen Arnold Bill Klein Instagram

The Little Couple: Jen Arnold Hospitalization & Surgery Updates

Bill Klein took to Instagram yesterday afternoon to announce Jen Arnold was out of surgery. Fortunately, his update revealed the surgery was a success. He admits that he didn’t have any doubts the surgery wouldn’t go well. Bill Klein added that a lot of people have been popping into his comments and DMs asking what’s wrong and why Jen needed the surgery in the first place. So, he decided to give a bit of a recap on what was going on.

“it’s Jens second hip revision (the left this time), as she wore out the cup and needed a new prosthetic ball to match. The hip was done originally while she was in residency! She made up the lost time later that year and finished on time… before going on to her neo fellowship… because she’s that tough.”

Bill Klein - Instagram
Bill Klein – Instagram

Has she posted anything?

Jen Arnold has not posted anything on her Instagram since her final pre-surgery selfie with her husband Bill Klein. She, however, did tell her followers she expected to be hospitalized for three or four days after the surgery to recover. So, it may be a few days before she pops onto Instagram to let everyone know how she’s doing.

Bill Klein - YouTube
Bill Klein – YouTube

The Little Couple fans admit they were elated that Bill Klein took the time to offer them an update on her surgery and hospitalization. Here’s some of what fans had to say in the comments:

  • “Great update and I wish Dr. Jen a smooth recovery. Love how you lift each other up – definitely marriage role models! Yes, she is resilient, and with your support she has everything. Hugs and healing prayers.”
  • “Thanks for update!! Sending prayers of speedy recovery because as you alluded… life doesn’t wait!”
  • “Such a tough woman. I have been through both hip replacements and revision and it’s a rough ride. I can’t believe Jen finished her residency and went onto a fellowship so soon after. She is Wonder Woman.”

Are you happy her husband was thoughtful enough to share a hospitalization and surgery update on Jen Arnold with fans? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest news on The Little Couple.

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