‘The Little Couple’ Jen Arnold Can’t Catch Break: New Health Issue

Unfortunately, The Little Couple star Jen Arnold just can’t catch a break. She’s dealing with another health issue, which she mentioned to fans on Wednesday morning. She shared a few details, revealing what’s going on and whether it’s persisting. Is the mom of two okay? Keep reading for the full update on her health.

Recently, Jen has been open about her “Little People problems.” She and her husband, Bill Klein, have both dealt with many health concerns over the years. Most recently, Bill has been experiencing back problems. Now, Jen has been hit with more issues.

The Little Couple- Jen Arnold - YouTube
The Little Couple- Jen Arnold – YouTube

Jen Arnold can’t catch a break & faces a new health issue.

Unfortunately, Jen Arnold just can’t catch a break. On social media on Wednesday morning, the former TLC star revealed to fans that she and her kids were on their way to their vacation destination. As we reported, she previously told fans that they were heading on a well-deserved vacation.

Just before they left, however, she dealt with some knee issues. She explained, “Kids really wanted a chance to get away and see our Florida family and friends so we are off for just a few days. I had my knee go out yesterday but I guess we are lucky because it was only a temporary #LPP.”

Fortunately, Jen’s knee problems were short-lived and she’s still able to head on vacation with her kids.

However, Bill had to skip the trip amid his back issues. So, the family was forced to take off without him.

Below, you can see a cute selfie of Jen, Will, and Zoey on the plane.


The Little Couple fans pour in with love & support.

In response to her new post, Jen Arnold is receiving many kind, loving comments from fans. They are urging her to rest her knee as much as she can. Others are offering to pray for her or send good vibes her way.

Hopefully, Jen will be able to fully enjoy herself and won’t experience any more health concerns while away or in the near future.

Be on the lookout for the family’s fun photos as they soak up the sun! May they have a safe and happy vacation before school starts back up.

So, are you glad to hear Jen Arnold pulled through and is able to go on vacation with her family? Do you appreciate her shedding light on Little People problems? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about The Little Couple. 

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