‘The Little Couple’ Fans Spot Cameras, Filming New Episodes?

The Little Couple fans have spotted cameras in the background of Jen Arnold‘s pictures. Does this mean that they are filming new episodes of the show? What’s going on? Keep reading for all of the details, and find out whether the show is coming back.

Bill Klein and Jen’s family was featured on the TLC series, which debuted in 2009. It ran for 10 years with the final episode airing in September 2019. Since then, fans have been keeping up with the family on social media. They frequently ask whether the show will be back on TLC.

Unfortunately, the family hasn’t provided an update in quite some time, leaving their followers curious about the fate of the series. However, fans recently picked up on a hint in a new video, prompting them to ask once again if filming is underway.

Will and Zoey Klein, The Little Couple - YouTube

The Little Couple fans spot cameras in the background of Jen Arnold’s pictures.

As we reported, on Tuesday, Jen took to social media to reveal to fans that her family is heading to the beach soon. They have had a tough time with various “Little People problems,” so they are looking forward to relaxing and soaking up the sun.

In her Instagram post, while sharing this update, she included many photos of her family at the beach. You can see a couple of snaps below. In the background, there are a couple of TLC crew members filming the kids on the dock.

One The Little Couple fan commented, “Enjoy your time in the sun. Looks like you are all taping for a show. I sure hope you’re coming back to TLC.”

The Little Couple - Jen Arnold Instagram
The Little Couple – Jen Arnold Instagram

Is the Arnold-Klein family filming new episodes?

Unfortunately, the pictures Jen Arnold shared are not recent. She was simply taking fans on a walk down memory lane of a previous beach trip before they head out on their vacation.

At the beginning of her slideshow, there’s a photo of her son, Will, and a label that shows that the photos are actually from 2019. It would make sense that these photos are all from 2019 and the film crews were there because the final season aired that year.

The Little Couple - Jen Arnold Instagram
The Little Couple – Jen Arnold Instagram

As of now, the series has not officially been renewed, and filming does not appear to be underway. Fans will continue holding out hope. For now, everyone can enjoy updates from the family via social media.

So, are you sad to learn that these are actually throwback photos and the family doesn’t appear to be filming new episodes these days? Do you think the show will ever return to TLC? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about The Little Couple. Below, you can watch Jen’s whole slideshow from their beach trip in 2019.

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