‘The Little Couple’ Fans Dote On Adorable New Addition: Video

The Little Couple fans are doting on the family’s adorable new addition. They’ve welcomed a new family member and it looks like everyone is already obsessed. Who’s a part of the crew now? Keep reading for all of the details, and scroll down to check out the sweet video.

Fans have watched the Arnold-Klein family grow in many ways over the years. Bill and Jen adopted two kids, Will and Zoey, and now the kids are in fifth and seventh grade. The couple also had two dogs, Maggie and Rocky. They’ve since said goodbye to Rocky but have added two new puppies, Oreo and Sammi, to their family. Now, the family is growing again! Who’s the newest member?

Jen Arnold Instagram - The Little Couple
Jen Arnold Instagram – The Little Couple

Zoey Klein introduces the adorable new addition.

On Instagram on Monday, Jen Arnold shared a video of her daughter, Zoey, and the new addition. She noted that the latest addition to the family is also Zoey’s roommate.

Bill and Jen allowed their daughter to get a Netherland dwarf bunny! The little girl appropriately named her new pet Chocolate. In the video, Zoey informed fans that her bunny is around eight months old. She seems absolutely smitten with her already and was proud to share the news with fans.

Below, you can watch the sweet video of Zoey introducing fans to her new roommate. While talking to fans, she encouraged her mom’s followers to leave questions in the comments section.


The Little Couple fans dote on the cute family member.

Of course, fans are obsessing over the adorable rabbit. One sweetly said, “Oh my goodness, we 🤎Chocolate, what a sweet bunny!” Another added, “Chocolate is Adorbs!! 🥰” Others are complimenting Zoey, pointing out how beautiful and grown-up she looks.

Also in the comments section of the post, fans are asking questions for Zoey to answer, as she requested. She already took the time to talk about what her dogs think of the rabbit. In response, she said, “Maggie and Chocolate get along perfectly fine. The puppies I’m not sure.”

She also informed fans that Chocolate likes apple and banana treats and lives inside. One fan wanted to know Zoey’s favorite thing about her rabbit, and she responded, “Chocolate cuddles and gives me love ❤️”

In another comment, The Little Couple star offered advice to kids who haven’t cared for pets before. She said, “It comes with big responsibilities, nurturing, & happiness.”

Hopefully, the Arnold-Klein family has many happy years with Chocolate!

So, what do you think of Zoey Klein’s new roommate? Are you excited to see them growing their family with a couple of puppies and now a rabbit? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about The Little Couple. 

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