‘The Little Couple’ Family Celebrates Will’s Adoption Day

‘The Little Couple’ Family Celebrates Will’s Adoption Day

The Little Couple Will Klein

The Little Couple family recently celebrated Zoey’s adoption day and now it’s Will’s turn. And Jen Arnold makes those days a special celebration. In fact, it seems like a nice idea, almost like two birthdays a year.  For Jen Arnold and Bill Klein, it brings back many very special memories of their kids. TLC fans know the two children became adopted at different times.

The Little Couple parents gave Will a brand new life

In October, shortly after she turned nine years old, Bill and Jen celebrated Zoey’s adoption day. We noted that Zoey looks very happy living in Florida with her adoptive parents. But, it took her a while before she accepted Jen as her mom. And you might recall in a very early episode, that her brother Will already lived with his new parents. The poor little tyke seemed afraid of Will. However, he so sweetly greeted his little sister. Zoey came from India, but Will came from China.

The Little Couple mom said that Zoey lived in a “rough setting” in India. Whereas, Will, from China, experienced better conditions. So, he really seemed to take to his new parents very quickly. And ever since TLC started airing the show, fans become very attached to the cute little guy. This week, Jen took to Instagram and reminded fans all about the day they officially adopted their son. Clearly, fans enjoyed her throwback photo of Will. Plenty of loving heart emojis went up.

Adoption Day is called ‘Gotcha Day’

When The Little Couple family shares about adoption days, they always called it their “Gotcha Day.” This year on Will’s special day, Jen captioned her photo of tiny tot Will with, “Happy Gotcha Day to you, William RiJin Klein! We are so lucky to be your parents.” She also used the hashtags, “#GoldenSon,” “#gotchaday,” “#china” and “#adoptionislove.” The photo reminded fans just how tiny Will was when he joined the family.

TLC reminds fans that The Little Couple family adopted Will at the age of three. Will recently turned 11 years old. So TLC fans saw him literally grow up into big boy on their scenes. These days he enjoys fishing, boating, and football. As a little boy, he was deeply devoted to fire trucks. In fact, on his birthday this year, he caught the biggest fish of all the family. As he grows older, probably Will becomes more aware of how different his life is now compared to his origins in China.

The Little Couple Family Celebrates Wills Adoption Day
Credit: Jen Arnold | Instagram

Both the children learn about their own culture and at the same time, both kids often enjoy their American celebrations as well. Do you agree that it’s nice that The Little Couple family always makes sure to celebrate the adoption days for their kids? Sound off in the comments below.

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