‘The Little Couple’ Bill Klein Updates On Latest Health Issues

The Little Couple alum, Bill Klein had several health issues over the years, and at the moment he seems to be in a bad place but he is keeping his fans updated. Naturally, TLC fans hope and pray that everything works out well for him. This week’s update came with an astonishing medical record that he set. What was it? Read on to find out.

The Little Couple Bill Klein Has Health Issues Again

The former TLC star ended up needing surgery in the past and one of them, while serious, actually made people laugh. That happened this time two years ago. At the time, he made light of his broken elbow and told his follower that his legs “forgot” how to run when he alarmed a nest of “wasps.” So, he face-planted on the paving. At the time, he also recalled surgeries that he needed as a kid.

TLC Bill Klein Broken Elbow The Little Couple Instagram
Image credit: @reallybillklein Instagram

The Little Couple fans also saw that Bill Klein waited a long time for surgery to fix his arm. Back then, it was considered “elective surgery” because all the attention was focused on the covid-19 pandemic. His wife, Jen Arnold shared updates and xrays and it must have been a welcome relief to get the arm fixed up. More recently, Bill ended up getting scans again and this time, it’s not a laughing matter.

The Little Couple: Updates Come About Bill Kelin’s Health

It’s been just over a week since Dr. Jen Arnold told her fans that her husband needed urgent admission to a New York hospital. They made a quick trip from Boston and after some scans, they were just waiting to find out what was troubling him. From her post, it seemed that he had something wrong with his spine. Actually, skeletal problems are not unusual for little people. So, TLC fans started to pray that everything would go well.

TLC The Little Couple Bill Updates On His Health Instagram
Image credit: @reallybillklein Instagram

The Little Couple alum, Jen was quick to update her fans about Bill’s trip to the hospital. About three days later, she shared the news that they still awaited the results from his scans. Actually, the poor guy was in a lot of pain but still, the doctors couldn’t seem to figure out what ailed him. At the time, she also told them that a lot of scans lie ahead. However, they hoped they could be done in Boston rather than in New York.

Record-Setting Scans

On August 18, The Little Couple fans who follow Bill saw that he updated them on his Instagram. When Jen talked about a lot of scans, she wasn’t joking. Once again, trying to put on a  brave face, Bill took a light-hearted approach. He said in his caption:

This is me smiling before I go in for my record beating 5 MRIs this evening (old record is 3 in a single sitting). It’s like having a fast pass at Disney, but cheaper and almost as fun.”

Does it shock you that Bill Klein is about to undergo his personal record-breaking number of MRI scans? Do you hope that the medical professionals will soon find out what is wrong and what they can do to help the dad of Will and Zoey? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about TLC’s The Little Couple. 

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