‘The Little Couple’ Bill Klein Takes Urgent Trip To NYC Hospital

The Little Couple star Bill Klein is taking an urgent trip to an NYC hospital. His wife, Jen Arnold, took to social media to update their loyal followers and revealed what was going on. So, why is Bill headed to the hospital? And what additional details has the couple shared so far? Keep reading for all of the information known so far.

On social media, Jen does a good job of keeping things positive, but she doesn’t shy away from sharing the sadder, harder parts of life. For example, she kept fans updated as her family said goodbye to their beloved pup, Rocky. She’s also documented family illnesses and surgeries. As a pediatrician, she often offers her expertise on timely topics, no matter how heavy they may be.

Now, the TLC star is putting the spotlight on her husband as he deals with health issues. What’s going on with The Little Couple dad Bill Klein?

Bill Klein – The Little Couple- YouTube

Bill Klein – The Little Couple- YouTube© Provided by TV Shows Ace

Jen Arnold & Bill Klein head on an urgent trip to an NYC hospital.

On Instagram on Friday morning, Jen revealed that she and Bill were off on an urgent trip to the hospital. Though the family lives in Boston, Massachusetts, they hopped on the train to visit a doctor in New York City.

In her post, Jen said that she and Bill are heading to the Hospital for Special Surgery, which is located in NYC. She said it’s an “urgent trip.” They are hopeful they’ll get answers and be on the right track after an appointment. The Little Couple star explained, “Being a Little Person involves lots of orthopedic and neurological issues. Higher risks when you are young and as you get older.”

She included a GIF of a spine, suggesting that Bill is having spinal issues. Jen Arnold shared the same post on her regular Instagram feed and on her Instagram Stories. She noted that these are “Little Person problems.”

The Little Couple- Jen Arnold Instagram

The Little Couple- Jen Arnold Instagram© Provided by TV Shows Ace

Below, you can take a look at Jen’s post about her hubby.

The Little Couple fans show concern for Bill Klein.

In the comments section of Jen’s new Instagram post, fans are sharing their concerns for Bill. Many are offering to pray for him, while others are sending good vibes. Some wished the couple luck and asked for an update as soon as possible.

Keep Bill and Jen in your thoughts and prayers as they figure out the next steps for his health concerns. Hopefully, things will be managed or resolved quickly and fans will be updated soon. Keep an eye out for another post offering more details.

So, does it shock you that Bill Klein is on his way to an NYC hospital? Did you realize the health concerns that he is facing as he ages? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about TLC’s The Little Couple. 

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