‘The Little Couple’ Bill Klein Shared Pic Of Zoey’s Head Gauzed Up

The Little Couple star Bill Klein has shared a picture of his daughter Zoey’s head all gauzed up. He posted two new pictures and some brief medical details. What’s going on with his daughter’s health? Keep reading for all of the details.

As fans know, the former TLC stars have been dealing with ongoing medical issues. Jen Arnold often describes them as “Little People problems.” She shared with fans that she recently had a knee issue, while Bill has back problems and is awaiting a possible surgery. Now, Bill is giving fans a glimpse at his daughter’s health concerns.

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Bill Klein shared a picture of Zoey’s head gauzed up.

On Instagram on Saturday, Bill shared a new post with fans. He included two pictures of his little girl in the hospital. The photos make the situation look worse than it was because her head was all gauzed up.

In his post, the dad of two explained why he had discovered these pictures. He said, “Zoey got me looking for a picture… and I got sucked into my library of images of the kids (think #christmasvacation video in the attic :)”

Then, he added, “Here’s a throwback fav… Zoey getting ready for her sleep study. #amazing #beautiful #smile #artist #swifty (don’t know if I did that one right – she likes @taylorswift )

Fortunately, nothing too serious had happened. Zoey was simply undergoing a sleep study at the hospital. Note that Bill mentioned that these are throwback photos and Zoey isn’t currently at the hospital.

Below, you can take a look at the old snaps of Zoey at the hospital.


The Little Couple fans react to the new post.

In the comments section of his post, The Little Couple fans expressed concern for Zoey, despite this being a throwback photo. Others appreciated the dad’s attempt to connect with his daughter over her Taylor Swift obsession. However, a few also corrected his spelling, pointing out that Zoey is a “swiftie” rather than a “swifty.”

The Little Couple star Bill Klein is all on his own for a bit.

It looks like Bill is making the most of his time alone by going on a walk down memory lane and thinking about his wonderful family. Sadly, Bill is alone in Boston right now. His family of four was supposed to go on a trip to Florida. But due to his ongoing back issues, he couldn’t join Jen, Will, and Zoey this time. They soaked up some sun and quality time with her side of the family. Below, you can see one of Jen’s new posts.

Hopefully, the whole family will be reunited soon and their health concerns will be under control too.

So, are you relieved to hear that Zoey is just fine and that these are throwback photos from her sleep study? Do you hope to see more throwback photos from Bill Klein? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about The Little Couple stars.

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