ROAD TO RECOVERY Little Couple’s Dr Jen Arnold gives fans an update after husband Bill Klein undergoes major surgery for breaking elbow

DR JEN Arnold gave fans an update on her husband Bill Klein’s condition after he underwent serious elbow surgery following an accident.

The Little Couple star injured himself while “running from a swarm of wasps.”

Bill was finally 'discharged' from the hospital after his surgery
Bill was finally ‘discharged’ from the hospital after his surgeryCredit: Instagram
Jen told fans that he's 'doing great' and will be 'heading home tomorrow'
Jen told fans that he’s ‘doing great’ and will be ‘heading home tomorrow’Credit: APB

Dr Jen, 47, took to Instagram to share an update on her husband Bill, 46 after he was “discharged” from the hospital following surgery.

The reality star posed near the window of his hospital room and smiled for the camera while showing off his arm wrapped in a cast and swaddled in a splint.

The TV personality captioned her post: “Just like that, @reallybillklein is discharged and doing great!

“He had a large piece of his humerus floating around in his joint. All gone now and resting. Home tomorrow 😀,” she explained.

Dr Jen then added a series of hashtags to her upload, including “#littlecouple #surgery #newyorkcity #orthopedics #dwarfism #skeletaldysplasia #dwarfismawarenessmonth @hspecialsurgery.”

Fans raced to the comments section to send Bill wishes on a speedy recovery, one writing: “Doesn’t sound so ‘humerus’ to me! I’ll show myself out. Glad he’s ok! ❤️”

“Glad he’s doing well! I miss your show 😢,” a second gushed, while another agreed: “Glad all went well.”

“So thankful and that smile,” a fourth user remarked, while a final hoped: “That is good take care and get well.”

Bill’s followers have shown concern ever since he was hospitalized for the “traumatic injury” earlier this week.


On Tuesday Dr Jen shared another update as her hubby wrapped up his pre-operation tests.

The TLC star gave the camera a thumbs-up as he prepared for surgery months after he acquired the injury by “running from a swarm of wasps.”

The mother of two willed her husband towards recovery by writing: “You’ve got this @reallybillklein, we’ve got this. Pre-op testing thumbs up. Thank you @hspecialsurgery for always taking good care of us.”

“Can’t wait to get Bill’s arm back to better!” she added.


In August Bill took to Instagram to share his x-rays after a nasty fall led to the broken bone.

Bill explained the details of the accident, revealing that he couldn’t get the “elective” surgery he needs to fix the crack due to Covid protocols.

He disclosed: “Fun fact, I broke my right elbow when I was 7 after speeding down a hill on my bike, got so winded I blacked out and awoke bloody and broken.

“This time around, nothing nearly as exciting… during an attempt to elude a small swarm of wasps, my head forgot that my legs have never “run” (to or away from anything, before, ever), even when chased… and that’s how you plant an elbow on pavers! That was 4 weeks ago 😉 since it wasn’t getting better, I went back for another x-ray.”

Bill also took advantage of the situation to urge his followers to get vaccinated, penning: “This image probably has a few things wrong in it courtesy of my dysplasia… but can you find the most recent traumatic damage? Have a super weekend everyone! And get vaccinated 😉 so I can get my ‘elective’ surgery.”


Dr Jen and her spouse have suffered from health struggles for the majority of their adulthood.

The duo was diagnosed with skeletal dysplasia after birth, leading them to undergo a combined 50 surgeries in their lifetimes.

Bill remained positive before heading into surgery
Bill remained positive before heading into surgeryCredit: Social Media – Refer to source
He broke his elbow on the concrete while trying to escape a 'swarm of wasps'
He broke his elbow on the concrete while trying to escape a ‘swarm of wasps’Credit: Social Media – Refer to source
Bill and Jen have had over 50 surgeries throughout their lifetimes
Bill and Jen have had over 50 surgeries throughout their lifetimes

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