‘MISSING THESE MOMENTS’ Little Couple’s Dr Jen Arnold shares throwback photo of son Will, 12, and daughter Zoey, 10, as fans beg for new season

THE Little Couple’s Dr. Jen Arnold shared a throwback photo of her son Will, 12, and daughter Zoey, 10, as the fans have continued to beg for a new season.

Dr. Jen, 47, celebrated the spooky season on Instagram.

Will and Zoey pictured in their costumes in 2016
Will and Zoey pictured in their costumes in 2016Credit: Instagram/Jen Arnold
Fans hoped 'to see your your soon'
Fans hoped ‘to see your your soon’Credit: Instagram/Jen Arnold

The Little Couple star shared a snapshot from 2016 of her two kids in their costumes.

Will, 12, wore an orange shirt with the face of a smiling pumpkin on the front.

His sleeves also had faces of laughing pumpkins.

Zoey, who recently celebrated her tenth birthday at a spa, wore a white shirt that read “Trick or Treat.”

She also had on a pink headband with her adorable outfit.

The reality star wrote: “OMG, I miss these Halloween moments.”

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In the comments section, a fan wrote: “Miss you two. Hope to see your show soon.”

Another fan stated: “Miss watching you guys.”

A third person added: “OMG, they are growing up so fast. I miss your show. i watch it everyday as much as I can on Discovery Plus. Can’t wait for new episodes.”


Recently, Dr. Jen gave an update on social media about her husband Bill, 46.

The TV star posed near the window of his hospital room and smiled for the camera while showing off his arm wrapped in a cast and swaddled in a splint.

She captioned her post: “Just like that, @reallybillklein is discharged and doing great!

“He had a large piece of his humerus floating around in his joint. All gone now and resting. Home tomorrow.”


Back in August, Bill shared his X-rays after he had a nasty fall, which led to a broken bone.

The TV personality revealed that he couldn’t get the “elective” surgery he needs to fix the crack due to Covid protocols.

He explained: “Fun fact, I broke my right elbow when I was 7 after speeding down a hill on my bike, got so winded I blacked out and awoke bloody and broken.

“This time around, nothing nearly as exciting… during an attempt to elude a small swarm of wasps, my head forgot that my legs have never “run” (to or away from anything, before, ever), even when chased… and that’s how you plant an elbow on pavers! That was 4 weeks ago 😉 since it wasn’t getting better, I went back for another x-ray.”

Bill urged his followers to get vaccinated: “This image probably has a few things wrong in it courtesy of my dysplasia…but can you find the most recent traumatic damage? Have a super weekend everyone! And get vaccinated 😉 so I can get my ‘elective’ surgery.”


Since July 2020, fans have had to wait for a new season as the married couple settled their three-year lawsuit against the reality show’s producer to reclaim intellectual property rights.

The legal matter started four years prior when producer LMNO Cable Group sued Discovery Communications for $7 million.

According to the court papers obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, LMNO Cable Group claimed their accountant falsified records to hide hundreds of thousands of dollars in embezzled money.

LMNO and Discovery Communications eventually agreed to a settlement.

After things were settled, Jen and Bill asked to intervene in the case in May 2017.

According to the court papers, the reality stars believed they were “entitled to a portion of LMNO’s contingent compensation…”

They also alleged in court papers that they felt entitled to a portion of Discovery’s “’adjusted gross revenues’ from certain forms of exploitation of the Program.”

The pair accused LMNO of breach of contract, fraud, unfair competition, conversion, and more.

In court papers obtained by The Sun, the parties agreed to mediation and eventually reached a settlement agreement.

The court ordered the lawsuit to be dismissed in light of the “successful” mediation and settlement.

Dr. Jen Arnold and Bill posed for a photo together
Dr. Jen Arnold and Bill posed for a photo togetherCredit: Getty
Dr. Jen Arnold pictured reading to her kids
Dr. Jen Arnold pictured reading to her kidsCredit: Social Media – Refer to Source
Dr. Jen Arnold and Bill pictured with their kids
Dr. Jen Arnold and Bill pictured with their kids

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