Little Couple: Jen Arnold Issues Public Apology For Son Will Klien’s Obscene Video!

Little Couple star Jen Arnold is an unbiased person. She is a woman of a golden heart, and fans have already fallen in love with her charismatic personality. The celeb has proven to be one of the best mothers to her adopted kids, Will and Zoey.

Hence, being a good mom, Jen never supports her children when they are wrong. Recently, she took to her social media handle and made a public apology after her son Will made a major mistake! What did Jen say? What did her son do? Why did she have to beg for forgiveness?

Little Couple: Jen Arnold Begs For Forgiveness On A Public Platform Because Of Will’s Major Mistake

Jen Arnold has won many hearts again with her unbiased demeanor on social media. A few days back, her son Will ended up in a controversy because of his new cryptic TikTok. Hence, fans were really disappointed with the Little Couple star kid and called him out for the same.

Many viewers claimed that Will was a really nice and sweet when he was young and started to wonder what happened to him now. Amid all this, Will’s parents were also facing backlash because of the same. So, Jen finally decided to address the matter and took to her social media handle to apologize to her followers.

Jen recently posted a clip and talked about Will’s latest infamous video, which was following a dance trend on TikTok. She took accountability and admitted that the clip had a song with “very explicit and foul language” in it.” The matriarch further discussed the struggles that parents usually face while teaching their kids social media etiquette.

Jen revealed in her caption that she has talked about the same with Will. She stated that her son has now “agreed to make better decisions” in his life. Little Couple fans were really happy to know that Jen was taking accountability for Will’s wrong actions instead of supporting him!

Little Couple: Jen Arnold Explained Will That He Has “Greater” Responsibility Towards Others

Noted TV star from Little Couple Jen Arnold, decided to deal with Will’s controversy with utmost maturity and grace. Usually, her social media is full of positive posts. She initially talked to the latter and made him realize why he was wrong. The matriarch said that she explained to her son that as his social media is viewed a lot.

So, he has “greater” responsibility now. Arnold further begged for forgiveness from her viewers. She wrote in her caption that she hoped that her fans would give Will some “grace” as he is a child who is new to social media and is still “learning.”

All this mess started off because of a TikTok that Will recently posted on his account. In it, he was showing off his dancing moves while having four virtual penguins from Madagascar. The clip had “Half on a Sack” by Three 6 Mafia song playing in the background that had some not-so-decent lyrics.

Hence, that ended up becoming a source of backlash for Will, and viewers called him out because of the same. However, they were happy to watch Jen making all the right decisions and handling the situation well. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Little Couple tea

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