JEN’S RECOVERY Little Couple star Dr Jen Arnold’s husband Bill gives update after wife’s major surgery as fans ‘pray’ for her health

DR Jen Arnold’s husband Bill Klein has given fans an update on her major surgery.

The Little Couple star had fans “praying” for her health when she underwent her second hip surgery earlier this week.

Dr Jen Arnold's husband Bill Klein has given an update on her hip surgery
Dr Jen Arnold’s husband Bill Klein has given an update on her hip surgeryCredit: Instagram/Bill Klein
Bill revealed she's recovering well from the 'successful' operation
Bill revealed she’s recovering well from the ‘successful’ operationCredit: Bill Klein/Instagram

Bill, 47, shared a smiling photo of Jen, also 47, on Instagram and revealed she’s recovering well from the “successful” operation.

“Ok, @jenarnoldmd is off surgery and doing well. Success all around, not that I ever had a doubt. Thanks all, for the well wishes.

“Some folks asked what was up… it’s Jen’s second hip revision (the left this time), as she wore out the cup and needed a new prosthetic ball to match.

“The hip was done originally while she was in residency! She made up the lost time later that year and finished on time… before going on to her neo fellowship… because she’s that tough.”

Bill then talked about the cruel reactions they get as a couple from strangers.

“Being an LP is a lot more than dealing with the pointing and staring…” he wrote.

“Not that I would mind that c**p stopping completely too… for our kids sake if nothing else.

“But we deal with some heavy s**t almost every year, for the better part of our lives.”


Jen previously took to her Instagram Live to explain the nature of her latest surgery with her one million followers.

After discussing her decision to move to Boston along Bill and their two kids, William, 11, and Zoey, 10, the TLC star opened up about her hip problems.

“The timing couldn’t be more challenging in that I also need hip revision surgery.

“My left hip, which was replaced over 20 years ago has finally decided to fail.”

Dr Jen went on to say that she and Bill traveled to New York for the procedure where they would be staying for “three to four days” post-operation.


Last week, the Little Couple stars confirmed their big move from Florida to Boston with a hilarious video on social media.

Jen took to her Instagram Story to reveal her family is moving states.

The clip began with Jen telling fans: “I decided to take the leap and we are Boston bound!”

Will then appeared onscreen and said: “How do you like them apples?”

The 11-year-old stuck his hand against a window as he held up a post-it note that read: “Boston or bust.”

Zoey also made an appearance as she told her family’s fans: “My mom’s wicked smart!”

Alongside the adorable cameos from Will and Zoey, the clip also included a sticker that read: “With love from Boston.”

Jen captioned the video: “It’s official.”

She had the surgery soon after they moved from Florida to Boston
She had the surgery soon after they moved from Florida to BostonCredit: Social Media – Refer to source
They have two children together
They have two children togetherCredit: Social Media – Refer to Source

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