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GROWING PAINS Little People’s Tori Roloff shares ‘rough’ news about her son Josiah, 1, and begs fans to ‘pray for us’

TORI Roloff has shared unsettling news about her one-year-old son Josiah and asked fans for their prayers.

The Little People, Big World star and her husband Zach Roloff share three kids: Jackson, five; Lilah, three; and Josiah.

Tori filmed her kids playing in the backyard
Tori filmed her kids playing in the backyardCredit: Instagram/toriroloff
She shared an update regarding her youngest son, Josiah
She shared an update regarding her youngest son, JosiahCredit: Instagram/toriroloff
Tori told fans that the tiny tot is dealing with a supposed rough growth spurt
Tori told fans that the tiny tot is dealing with a supposed rough growth spurtCredit: Instagram/Tori Roloff

Tori, 31, took to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday to share a worrisome update on the couple’s youngest child.

The reality star filmed her daughter driving the toddler around the family’s backyard in a kid version of a Jeep.

The tiny tot wheeled the miniature vehicle across the grass, as the TV personality filmed her backyard covered with patio furniture, toys, and the family dog.

Lilah drove uphill through grass and dirt and whizzed by trees as she showed off her driving skills.

Meanwhile, Josiah’s platinum blond hair was visible as he rode in the passenger seat, bumping along with his big sister.

Tori captioned the post: “She’s a better driver than I am.”

But the mother of three added a concerning message below, reading: “Si si has been going through a rough growth spurt, and being outside seems like the only thing that doesn’t make him mad these days…

“Pray for us when the rain sets in,” she begged.


Tori’s baby update came just one week after she gave fans a glimpse inside her and Zach’s house in a new before-and-after post.

The Little People, Big World star filmed a fully revamped room in a new Instagram video posted last Saturday.

In the clip, the 32-year-old showed off the redesign process of a room in her $1million Washington state home.

In October 2021, Tori revealed that the family moved from Portland to Washington, and it seems that she and her husband Zach Roloff, 33, are still molding their new home to the right specifications.

At the beginning of the clip, the TLC star panned around what was then a bedroom, with a bed at the far side and DIY tools scattered on the floor.

Next, the video changed to show off the results of the transformation.

The room was turned into a living space, with new paneling, a huge wraparound couch, and plenty of artwork and decorations in the formerly plain part of the home.

Tori showed off some features of the couch as a partner of the brand, including cupholders and in-built storage.

As part of the caption, she joked: “When your Lovesac Sactionals becomes your favorite Lifehac (see what I did there)!”

In the comment section, one of her fans praised: “Omg such a great use of that space!! Love it!”

“I want one so bad it’s just so expensive,” bemoaned another one of her social media followers.


But Tori hasn’t seen all positive comments from her 2million followers.

Late last month, the TLC alum was slammed by critics for admitting to a lapse in her morning routine.

The LPBW star posted on Instagram about her daily habits, and one detail horrified her fans.

In the video, Tori filmed herself inside her $1million Washington home and joked about dropping her three children off at school.

The TLC star sipped on an iced coffee and was dressed in a blue sweater with a baseball cap covering her slightly damp hair.

In the text on top of the clip, she wrote: “When I see other moms at 8:00 drop off looking like runway models and I haven’t even brushed my teeth yet.”

The television star also added a caption: “Rolling in looking like a homeless mama. Who [else] is there with me?”

In the comment section, one fan begged: “No at least brush your teeth!”

Another follower shared the post to Reddit, where one person slammed: “Not relatable and honestly gross. Brush your teeth before you leave your house!

“Some people actually have jobs to go to and nothing wrong with looking put together. Sometimes moms self care is how she presents herself to others.”

Another asked: “Is that relatable? I get not getting all dressed up for drop off but seems like most people are able to brush their teeth for it.”

“Do people really leave the house without brushing their teeth? I can’t, and I’m wondering if that’s just me,” said a third social media user.

A fourth said: “I brush my teeth as soon as I get up and again after coffee/breakfast. I don’t understand not having the time to brush teeth!”

“I’d say most people brush their teeth as soon as they wake up. It was an odd thing to say,” added another critic.

Tori asked fans for prayers for her growing boy
Tori asked fans for prayers for her growing boyCredit: Instagram/toriroloff
The LPBW star recently remodeled a room in her Washington mansion
The LPBW star recently remodeled a room in her Washington mansion

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