BIG DAY Little Couple fans in tears after Bill Klein reveals major milestone with wife Dr Jen Arnold in sweet new photo

The LITTLE Couple star Bill Klein has just celebrated a big milestone with his wife.

The couple are celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of their wedding day

Dr Jen Arnold smiled as she celebrated a special day
Dr Jen Arnold smiled as she celebrated a special dayCredit: Instagram/reallybillklein
Jen and Bill Klein were celebrating their anniversary
Jen and Bill Klein were celebrating their anniversaryCredit: Instagram/Jen Arnold

Bill, 48, shared a loving message to his wife on Instagram.

Next to a picture of Jen Arnold, 49, smiling outside, Bill gushed.

“Finally, a proper celebration of 15 years together with this amazing, beautiful, way-smarter-than-me intelligent and kind woman.

“Clearly, I did something amazing in a former life to deserve such good fortune with her in this one :)”

In the sweet snap, Jen stood next to a pool in the desert at the end of the day.

She clutched her purse, and showed off her necklace that featured a sunglasses pendant that matched her actual frames.

“The sun was setting in this pic, but @jenarnoldmd smile continues to light up my world,” Bill continued. “I can’t wait for our 115th (and all of the ones in between).”

In the comments section, Jen returned the sentiment, saying: “I am the luckiest girl ever! Love you @reallybillklein & look forward to anniversary #115.”

Other fans flooded the comments with congratulations.

“You guys are the best! Happy happy Anniversary and many more!” one person shared.

“You two are the cutest couple and have the cutest kids!” another added. “How lucky were they to come from where they were from into a beautiful family!”

While a third responded: “You are both strong, amazing and deserve the very best that life has to offer. Congrats.”


Life seems to have offered a sweet new addition to their family.

Earlier this week, Jen uploaded two photos to her main Instagram grid showing off the fluffy face of their new puppy.

In the first pic, Jen’s daughter Zoey smiled happily for the camera.

The 11-year-old sat on the floor in a casual pink T-shirt with black pants, and had a tiny gray dog resting with her.

In the next shot, 13-year-old Will proudly held the pooch and grinned.

The teen was decked out in his lacrosse gear after recently scoring his first goal in a match, and held a lacrosse ball in one hand while his free arm cradled the little pup.

In her caption, Jen, 49, wrote: “We have a new member of the family… please meet Sammie #rescuedog.”

In the comment section, fans were overawed by the adorable dog.

One person said: “So sweet! Lucky pup and lucky Klein family!”

A second wrote: “Congratulations on your new addition Sammie! Thank you for adopting rescue! Look forward to seeing and hearing about the new adventures.”

A third exclaimed: “OMG, Sammie is so cute! Good luck with your new fur baby!”

The TLC star also added a close-up pic of Sammie to her Stories just an hour after her first post.


Jen’s new furry addition came just months after the family lost their last pet.

In October, she informed her followers that the family’s dog, Rocky, had passed away after an illness.

In her lengthy post, Jen wrote: “Our hearts are broken & the world will never be the same.

“Our dearest #Rocky has left us.”

“His legacy will live on forever just as he will live on forever in our hearts,” she explained.

Jen and Bill have been married for 15 years
Jen and Bill have been married for 15 yearsCredit: Instagram/Bill Klein
They recently added a new puppy to their family
They recently added a new puppy to their familyCredit: Instagram/jenarnoldmd
Son Will shows off Sammie the dog
Son Will shows off Sammie the dogCredit: Instagram/jenarnoldmd

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